Linux Desktop Marketshare Continues to Rise

A few months back, I posted an article about Linux desktop marketshare passing 1% on NetApplications’ web statistics.

Using recent data from NetApplications, I have an updated the plot showing the marketshare hovering around 1%, and, in July, reaching a new high of 1.05%.


Again, NetApplications’ reports do not directly measure desktop marketshare; they measure the percentage of hits on a large collection of websites.  This quantity depends on users with spoofed OS identity, depends on the websites included etc…  The trend, however, unlike the actual number, is probably pretty robust.

W3Schools’ stats also have Linux reaching a new high in market share on their sites this month: 4.3%.  Though, I tend to believe NetApplications’ numbers are closer to the true marketshare; it is nice that both stats agree on trend.