New location starting October 2016

The BerkeleyLUG meetups have been moved from Bobby G’s Restaurant to 85c Bakery at 21 Shattuck Square just across the street.┬á 85C Bakery’s direct contact telephone number is 510.540.8585 and the store’s general website is

Meetup dates and times remain the same, as┬álisted at the ‘Meetings’ page

For those of you who still may not realize this, Bobby G’s Pizzeria has been under new ownership since this past Winter; several months after the Bobby G’s post of November 8, 2015 The new owners have kept things they way they were before under the restaurant’s founder Bobby G — well, *mostly* that way — until they made some key renovations this past Summer. Among the most significant renovations the owners made during the last couple of months significantly affecting our BerkeleyLUG meetups were their adding more TV screens around the restaurant, adding more TV speakers all around the place routinely blaring televised sports, and making enough structural renovations to the place (e.g., raising the ceiling) so that the televised sports sounds heavily reverberated all around the place.

The key decision we made was essentially based upon our inability to actively participate in BerkeleyLUG discussion at Bobby G’s, given all the ambient noise and sound discordancy (“vibrations” as someone put it one afternoon at Bobby G’s.) BerkeleyLUG participants actually had to leave Bobby G’s on past meetups over the last month or so,┬á due to the level of noise preventing even simple conversation!

This situation was simply unacceptable.┬á And we received a clear indication at a recent meetup that Bobby G’s new management wasn’t liable to accommodate us by lowering the speaker volume on the televised sportsgames just for us, while other paying customers were cheering on their sports teams and enjoying their beers.

Hence we made the change to the new venue nearby.

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Location update, etc.

As announced 2016-09-26 we have a new venue.
For our meeting dates, times, location, see:
Meetings – BerkeleyLUG
Anyway, generally best to look there for our meeting information.

Yes, at present our main web page has a series of blog posts … some of which may have information which is, or may become, quite outdated.

Perhaps we ought change how we have that laid out on the site, and how (un)clear that certain content is/isn’t blog postings. I expect we’ll at least discuss that soon – likely at upcoming meeting(s) and/or on list.