New Location: Cafe Blue Door

So, effective 2019-06-09 we have a new meeting location:
Cafe Blue Door
2244 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
(please also see our meetings page)
as 85C Bakery Cafe has permanently closed their Berkeley location. I think folks will generally find the variety of food and beverages at Cafe Blue Door to be better than 85C Bakery Cafe, and Cafe Blue Door also lacks the display of sportsball screens and the noise of them and their fans that had become quite problematic at Bobby G’s Pizzeria. Cal students also return for regular session 2019-08-21, so we will want to keep that in mind as we continue to investigate potentially better meeting locations, as Cafe Blue Door may become more crowded/noisy once the Cal students are back in full force.

And … back to 85C for now

And yes, after various communications, at least for now we’re moving our meeting location back to
85C Bakery Cafe. (for current meetings information, location, etc., see: Meetings).

Algorithm Coffee Co. was certainly worth the “experiment”, and certainly had a fair number of advantages,

there were a couple key issues that made it “not (yet?) good enough” to continue meeting there – at least presently, most notably:

  • noise levels and acoustics – the place has little in the way of sound dampening materials/surfaces, fairly loud music, and patrons can be relatively loud to.  Net effect, we had approximately 20% of or attendees find it intolerably loud – so loud they wouldn’t come back and/or it was headache inducing, etc.  And I’d also guestimate about 1/3 or more found the noise level rather to quite annoying … e.g. I could converse with persons adjacent to me, one further away or across the table, with difficulty, but further away at same table – mostly couldn’t have a conversation – I couldn’t overtalk the noise for them to hear me, nor could I generally hear them over the noise.
  • seating – seating was difficult/tight – though we did manage to get chairs have have most (about 90%) of us squeezed around one large table, there weren’t that many free chairs available, and a lot of the time folks were shuffling chairs about, or looking for chairs that might be available that could be relocated (e.g. most all the outdoor seating chairs got dragged in by patrons, so the would actually have a seat at a table).

So … back to 85C – at least for now.  We’ll continue to look for better – several persons are working on it – feel free also to assist/volunteer/suggest – might be best to mostly do that on our List.

Location update, etc.

As announced 2016-09-26 we have a new venue.
For our meeting dates, times, location, see:
Meetings – BerkeleyLUG
Anyway, generally best to look there for our meeting information.

Yes, at present our main web page has a series of blog posts … some of which may have information which is, or may become, quite outdated.

Perhaps we ought change how we have that laid out on the site, and how (un)clear that certain content is/isn’t blog postings. I expect we’ll at least discuss that soon – likely at upcoming meeting(s) and/or on list.