Try out a new Linux distribution!

There’s more than just Ubuntu out in the Linux universe. Maybe you’re satisfied with your current operating system, but are curious to see what else there is. Distributions (or distros for short) are operating systems built on top of the Linux kernel. Just like with Ubuntu’s live CD, there are many distributions that allow you to test out the operating system without allowing it to take over your hard drive. You can also run them in a virtual environment without having to leave your desktop by using┬áQemu, VirtualBox, or VMWare.

One great resource for learning about the different flavors of Linux and their features is It has a large index of the different Linux distributions, as well as reviews, summaries, and comparisons between versions to get you started. The beauty of open source software is that you can even use and modify the code from other distributions to make your own. If you’ve got some spare time, Why not try a new distro today?

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