Most UGs (including some in the Bay Area) emphasize Linux on the server and HPC or web scripting languages,  BerkeleyLUG tries to create a community of people who use Linux primarily on the desktop, laptop and mobile phones (We loves us some Android).  We have several ongoing / completed projects:

  • We provide an environment for new users to get help and get Linux installed.┬á Since, May 2009, we have installed Linux for more than 19 new users and counting.
  • We encourage users to┬áshare their experiences by posting using a simple subset of HTML.
  • BerkeleyLUG will run a Linux Open-Source-Software Booth at the Solano Stroll.┬á We hope that the Vinyl Banner and Brochures produced will be helpful for other groups.





  • The PDF for the banner and two brochures can be found above. Please join the mailing-list/forum if you’d like access to the source material.


Tux Globe Icon Originally by lilitux: TuxFactory

SUSE Icon:

Ubuntu Icon From:

Other Artwork for banner licensed under GPL or Public Domain (Tux Icon).

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