Python for Statistics

I got interested by this article tweeted by @darmesh about the declining use of the specialized statistical environment and the increasing use of the Python language (overview) for big data scientific applications despite needing some work. What types of code are you writing and what languages do you prefer these days?

Self Driving Cars

Chris Peeples forwarded an article to our email list after mentioning it during our last Sunday meeting. “Auto Correct: Has the self-driving car at last arrived?” by Burkhard Bilger in The New Yorker. Google is improving on the technology every week, meeting for status updates each Monday at 11:30AM. They and others would like to…

Free, The Future of a Radical Price

Ignore these ideas at your own peril. Free, The Future of a Radical Price (2009) by Chris Anderson is available, not surprisingly, for free, gratis, no marginal cost. The google buzz is interesting too. * version * Amazon has hardcover, paperback, kindle ebook and (gratis) versions Mr. Anderson is a fellow resident of…