1 thought on “Could Canonical Become Profitable? Yes

  1. “Could Canonical Become Profitable? Yes”

    There has just been this whole, big spat between this selfsame Canonical Ltd and the SF Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Micah Lee over the use of the Ubuntu mark in Lee’s fixubuntu page
    The same publication grantbow brought above to provide some background and details on Canonical’s profitability also reported on this fixubuntu spat last week (see )

    Besides last week’s article on fixubuntu, the EFF itself went into some easy-to-read legal explanation (at least IMHO) of this at this week’s article . Even though Canonical backstepped its potential prosecution of Micah Lee in its responses over the spat, I myself don’t think it will try to somehow twist this to its advantage. Yes, I’ve read Larry C’s Google+ comments over the spat,

    So, I’m really wondering whether the backlash against Canonical from their original cease-and-desist letter to Lee (and possibly their “attitude”) would affect Canonical’s short-term profitability??
    What do others including Larry C and Jack D specifically think of all this??


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