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  1. I’m on a System76 laptop. It has a 250GB SSD and a 2TB Spinning Disk.

    My backup hygiene is less than perfect.

    I’d gotten read errors from the larger disk in a few directories. I decided to reboot.

    I then didn’t even see the secondb larger hard drive as a device (no /dev/sdb ).

    I then decided to fully power it down, and start it up.

    I am hearing an internal whirring/beeping(?) sound when the computer starts, and the disk light stays on. I get some ASCII art startup screen that looks like it’s from the BIOS, and starting Ubuntu fails.

    I would like:
    1) A backup of both disks, as much as recoverable. I can provide a 4TB removable drive with enough free space.
    2) A box that boots to Linux again.


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