Site “hosting” moved: (now on balug virtual machine)

Site “hosting” moved: (now on balug virtual machine).
The web site (main) URL is and domain is
On 2019-08-30 its “hosting” was migrated from hosting to
being “hosted” on balug ( virtual machine. (and that domain) is what remains of old content and site location,
essentially all content was migrated.
Expect (and domain
to be going away in the (not too horribly distant) future.

6 thoughts on “Site “hosting” moved: (now on balug virtual machine)

  1. NIce!
    Everyone should also do the following:
    Log into your WordPress account(s), and if you cannot log in because password is incorrect or missing, change your password for your username/email address. WordPress will send a confirmation of password change message to this same email address which you (presumably) used to log into WP before, and then just follow the URL in the message to change your WP login password.

    IMHO, would be awfully nice to have a more pleasant WordPress theme installed to replace the rather drab aqua-on-white theme here. Interesting selection of **free** WP themes at
    And would be super great, again IMHO, to at least include the original Tux logo that the BerkeleyLUG WP site featured so prominently ~10 yrs ago (e.g., similar to the Tux-with-fortune-cookie logo at and the Tux-climbing-Transamerica-Pyramid logo at ).

    Anyone know where’s original Tux logo went off to ??

    1. Theme(s) … perhaps suggest some particular theme – or reasonable number thereof (e.g. half dozen or less) … could potentially “preview” and/or otherwise review/preview, and decide upon some other theme. 75 is a bit many to pick from … perhaps ought well whittle it down first.

      Original Tux logo … yes, … current theme has configuration for site icon, and background image, but no banner/header logo (at least that I can see anywhere in the settings). In any case, I think we still have (and/or can retrieve) the older Tux logos – including the “generic” Linux (mascot) one, and also the BerkeleyLUG specific one we earlier had. Anyway, once we have those available, then it’s just matter of configuration (possibly including theme) to suitably display such again. I also still have some odds ‘n ends related maintenance to do anyway (like restoring mtimes on most of the earlier media (most notably images – the export/import process loses that metadata – but I explicitly saved it separately so it could be restored).

  2. I read too many of the data on this site – so now I don’t know where you’re meeting on Sunday(s) – if there IS such a place. Likely I’ll wait ’til a Thursday eve at Au Coquelet – next at 19Sept . That computer of mine – well, I can’t connect to getting yahoo mail, again.
    Hi, Michael.

    1. Yes, meeting venue has been bit of an issue and there’ve been some changes on that. ­čś»
      This past Sunday’s meeting (2019-09-08) didn’t work so well with venue … though still many of us did
      settle/”squeeze” in there after a while (and attempting some nearby alternatives).

      We’re continuing to look at / research alternatives – both venue, and possibly adjusting timing (notably
      possibly starting earlier).

      Anyway, watch this space for updates – I’m thinking likely after this coming Sunday (and more
      research on what thinks look like various places around what would be our meeting time on one
      of our meeting Sundays), we’ll probably come to some decision on how we want to adjust
      meeting venue and/or timing, and will update appropriately on the web site,
      and also send relevant notification to the list.

      And yes, Berkeley Unix User Group (BUUG) does also continue to have its regular meetings too.

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