Learn about Linux/OSS at the Solano Stroll

We will be manning an open source software / Linux booth at the Solano Stroll.  The Stroll is a fantastic street festival in Berkeley/Albany on Solano Avenue with a lot of great food, entertainment and vendors.  If you are in the area, come check it out and stop by to say hi and learn about free software.  Look for us a couple blocks from San Pablo.


8 thoughts on “Learn about Linux/OSS at the Solano Stroll

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  2. Sounds great. A few of us from Gidget Kitchen will be there. I will bring the inverter. I might be able to bring a few 12v gel cells also. It will be a great opportunity to spread the word of Ubuntu…

  3. The Solano Stroll was a great event. I really enjoyed how the rain held off until we were done. I am already starting to look forward to Software Freedom Day on the 19th.

  4. Thanks, Jack…I’m just the man to restore “hacker” to its rightful place in our geek-history lexicon. I’m also proud of my educational links…my blog articles are world famous for that. :

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