Enterprise 6 on your desktop?

RedHat Enterprise Linux is known for it’s security and stability on servers. Later this year, Redhat will release Enterprise Linux 6.0 and CentOS will release their version shortly after. CentOS is built entirely from RedHat’s sources. They are basically the same thing minus the RedHat artwork and support. What do you think about using it on your home desktop?

I came close to using CentOS 5.5 100% at home. The downfall

was multimedia applications such as k9copy and Kdenlive. CentOS/RedHat 5 is based off Fedora 6, which is very old. However, version 6 will be based off Fedora 12 which was just surpassed by Fedora 13. Fedora 12 was a great release in my opinion because it was stable and had recent versions of all the applications that I needed. After trying the RedHat 6.0 beta, I was able to install all of my modern applications and be 100% productive at home and work.

My question to all of you out there is would you use CentOS/RedHat on your home desktop? What are your thoughts? Do the non-bleeding edge packages matter to you? My opinion now is that release 6 may be good on the desktop for a year or so before the age of the packages starts to show. How long do you think you can use enterprise Linux for?   Would you feel that you are missing out on the new desktop Linux features?

5 thoughts on “Enterprise 6 on your desktop?

  1. Ubuntu will always be bleeding edge compared to RedHat Enterprise Linux. That is one benefit to running Ubuntu. However, RedHat is always chosen to run in the enterprise. On the desktop, it is clear that Ubuntu LTS would be ideal.

  2. How does Enterprise 6 match up with Lucid Lynx? You haven’t given us any input regarding today’s most successful Linux distro desktop. Surely you have something to say in this matter? Don’t see how you can ignore Ubuntu’s relative ubiquitousness. ­čÖé

  3. I guess both latest-version distros need to mature a bit, before serous benchmarking can take place. I don’t do servers, so I wonder how much security/stability counts for a standalone system. But I am considering a switch to Debian, because of its stability reputation.

  4. For me, the CentOS eqivalent of Red Hat EL distribution has been the mainstay of all my systems. If the criterion is ‘stability’, there’s no beating CentOS. As for the cutting -age thing, i have been able to upgrade the required packages. Multimedia also works fine after you install the necessary packages. Thanks. Pankyu Bootha.

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