Why I Use Linux Ubuntu

This article is geared for the unconverted and was published on my blog dark energi.


I have been enjoying and using Linux for many years. Currently I am a member of Berkeley Linux Users Group (BLUG) Linux is a free computer operating system similar to Windows and Mac although technically only the kernel is called Linux. Currently Ubuntu is the most popular distribution system for Linux. Ubuntu means “Humanity Towards Others”. The new version available is Ubuntu 11.04 out April 2011.

Linux originated when Linus Torvalds was a student at University of Helsinki he developed Linux in 1991. It was released for free and started a great increase in software development. Linus currently works for the Linux Foundation in Oregon.

Why Linux?

It’s all free and you save money. All Linux software is open source. Upgrades come every six months. Linux is part of the open source software movement.

No computer viruses and you don’t have to buy anti-virus software.

Any software glitches you can usually solve through the Linux community.

Don’t have to buy new computers every few years and old computers work perfectly on Linux.

Linux has a nice support system. One type group is called Ubuntu Local Community Teams (LoCo) – a regional group of Ubuntu users to advocate, build, and improve Ubuntu. Ubuntu California is another group to advocate and promote Ubuntu. Linux Users Groups (LUG) are worldwide and they meet regularly to assist and support. You can also receive support through the Ubuntu community.

Linux Users are Enlightened: 1) Linux computer users are more interested in improving, assisting, and building the existing Linux community than monetary gain. 2) Computer Professionals, novices, young, old, women, and all races & cultures are treated the same.

You can operate Linux with Windows and Mac or completely replace your operating system. All you need to insert a CD-R or USB stick. If you use Windows you can operate Ubuntu with the Windows installer (Wubi).

Be a little different & give it a try!

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