Massive Open Online Course ‘Introduction to Linux’ for Newbies

Those of you who may be either interested in a very basic Introduction to Linux class intended for computer newbies that you know of or else interested in reviewing such a class for yourselves, might be very interested in an announcement that was released just over two weeks ago. The announcement article is ‘Linux Foundation to Build Massive Open Online Course Program with edX, Increase Access to Linux Training for All'[1].

This announcement in essence is that the Linux Foundation and edX are partnering to develop a MOOC(*) program that will help address the effort to meet an increasing demand for Linux professionals and to grow the pool of Linux technical talent worldwide by making basic Linux training materials available to all for free. Previously a $2,400 course, Introduction to Linux will be the first class available as a MOOC and will be free to anyone, anywhere.

Bulleted points worth mentioning:

  • (*)MOOC == Massive Open Online Course
  • Further description of edX’s LFS101x ‘Introduction to Linux’ course goals are at the link here[2]. Note that this MOOC is free, is 100% self-paced, and is specifically designed for “computer users who have limited or no previous exposure to Linux”.
  • The LFS101x ‘Introduction to Linux’ MOOC is officially slated to begin sometime this Summer of 2014. Current estimates are that it will begin closer to late Summertime.
  • edX registration for LFS101x has already begun through their online Registration form at the link [3] and more specifically at [4].
  • Carefully note from their FAQ[5] that while edX courses are free for everyone to audit, some courses have a fee for ID verified certificates of achievement. Indeed, edX seems to be “nudging” course-registrants toward this paid certification of achievement via their TOS[6]. In addition, verification for their paid certification mandates that registrants provide identity authentication through webcam photos of themselves, as well as to provide photos of “an acceptable form of photo ID”. You can skip edX’s paid certification “nudge” and the authentication requirement by going to the lower part of the ‘Register + Account Creation’ screen that follows edX’s initial online registration forms [3] or [4]. You would wish to solely audit the LFS101x course.
  • Newbie computer users everywhere are welcome to register for this MOOC now, and in the long interim period before the LFS101x course officially starts, can gain some familiarity with computers and common software, such as would be had from daily computer use, e.g., using the Berkeley Public Library’s publicly reservable computers[7].

Again, the key announcement is ‘Linux Foundation to Build Massive Open Online Course Program with edX, Increase Access to Linux Training for All’ at the webpage here[1]

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And of course, please feel free to comment on how great (or not) you think this MOOC will be, and the same on mentioning any good alternatives!



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