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  1. And now some news related to Fast Lanes

    Comcast Wi-Fi hotspots to count on routers in homes as reported in SFGate article

    ~~~~~~ quoting ~~~~~~
    Comcast plans to turn thousands of wireless Internet routers in private homes in the Bay Area into publicly available Wi-Fi hotspots.

    The service is part of the cable giant’s ambitious plan to offer customers and noncustomers access to about 8 million hotspots in 19 of the largest U.S. cities.

    Off the top of my head, two ways this news is somewhat related to Fast Lanes are (1) Comcast’s gatekeeping ownership of soon-to-be publicly available WiFi networks and (2) its Pay-to-Play moneymaking scheme.
    As the article does quote
    1. “Comcast customers might feel uncomfortable about the company converting their wireless gateway routers into a public network – whether it’s because of privacy, security, bandwidth or energy concerns.”
    2. “Comcast’s top-tier Internet subscribers can log into the public network for free. Lower-tier customers and noncustomers get two free one-hour sessions per month, then are charged a fee by the hour, day or week.”

    Nothing other than gatekeeping ownership and moneymaking all rolled up into one.

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