Trusting Open Source – Security & Reliability

Lots to say here. We know that many eyes make bugs shallow. Reliable, available, scalable systems can not get very far if they are not secure and results are not repeatable. President Obama visited Stanford this week. He was specifically focusing on student data privacy but the same issues apply to every web user. He was encouraging the private sector to work with government to find solutions. I hope the comments section facilitates a good discussion.

We meet at Bobby GÔÇÖs Pizzeria on the second and fourth Sundays of each month from Noon to 3PM in Berkeley near the Downtown Berkeley BART station. Bobby GÔÇÖs is on University Ave near Shattuck Ave. We hope you join us, join the discussion on our email list and/or join us in #berkeleylug on by following the tabs at the top.

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