Unit Tests

Prentice Hall publishes two books I’ve been reading. Working Effectively With Legacy Code and Clean Code that both promote TDD. Please see my previous blog post on test driven design. Writing tests may slow you down at the beginning but helps you go faster later. It also forces you to think about all the business questions that go into your code up front. TDD creates a vice around your code so you know when something changes and has an unintended consequence.

I’ve been using shunit2 instead of BATS which I mentioned in my previous post to begin writing tests for some shell scripts.Has anyone else written similar tests for their code?

We meet at Bobby G’s Pizzeria on the second and fourth Sundays of each month from Noon to 3PM in Berkeley near the Downtown Berkeley BART station. Bobby G’s is on University Ave near Shattuck Ave. We hope you join us, join the discussion on our email list and/or join us in #berkeleylug on freenode.net by following the tabs at the top.

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