Installfest this Sunday, June 21

There will be an installfest this Sunday, Fathers’ Day, 10:00 a.m. to 5 pm
at a public middle school at Geary and Scott Streets in San Francisco.
There is ample free parking.  If you are interested in showing up and you
have questions, please feel free to call Christian Einfeldt at
415-351-1300.  On the day of the event, please also feel free to call Jeff
Shippen at 5O5-8O3-3456.  Please do not contact the school, as the principal
has delegated control over these types of activities to Christian Einfeldt,
and the staff will only be confused by phone calls.

It is recommended that you approach the school from the entrance to the
parking lot, which is located at the L-shaped intersection of Pierce and
O’Farrell.  Please do NOT attempt to gain entrance to this installfest by
going to the front of the school, as the school is huge, and you will just
get lost.  Instead, please call Christian Einfeldt or Jeff Shippen at the
above numbers on the day of the event to direct you to the Linux lab where
the work will be done.

The entrance to the school parking lot is located about 40 meters from the
corner of Pierce and O’Farrell, which is an L-shaped intersection.  Please
enter this search string into your favorite mapping service:

pierce & O’Farrell San Francisco

1) triaging, repairing, and installing Linux on old computers in storage at
the school
2) supporting the installation of Linux on old computers brought to the
school by newbies.

We have ample monitors, keyboards, and mice to support the installation of
Linux on old computers brought in by newbies.  We also have lots of distros
and screwdrivers; however, we encourage people to bring their own distro
collections due to the sheer size of the distro choices availabe.  We also
encourage people to bring their own screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, and
any other tools needed to work on legacy machines.

The computers will be deployed there at the school; or given to kids who
attend that school; or will be sent to Mexico, where GNOME Foundation
Executive Director Stormy Peters is building a Linux lab at a school:


What: installfest
Where: School parking lot at Pierce and O’Farrell
When: Sunday, June 21, from 10:00 am to 5 pm

2 thoughts on “Installfest this Sunday, June 21

  1. You covered Gnome but what about KDE Docks. It would also interesting for KDE users to know what’s available (especially for KDE 4)and how good these docks are.

  2. @Bobby: I think you left this comment on the wrong article. However, the 4 docks I talked about can be run on KDE4. I don’t know of any specific docks designed for KDE being a Gnome user myself (but there probably are some).

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