BerkeleyLUG Programming Classes

We are beta testing the Programming Class idea that Phil came up with during the first meeting.  Carl has volunteered to teach the first one on PERL as described in this forum thread:

The temporary time will be 3:30 pm directly after the next regular meeting on Sunday July 12.┬á The location will either be to remain at Bobby G’s or move to nearby location on UCB campus (I am currently looking at available space).┬á This timing/location will most likely not be a normal occurence.┬á Please comment on the forum thread above if you plan on attending.

2 thoughts on “BerkeleyLUG Programming Classes

  1. I’d like to join this class as well. Seeing as the class is called for 3:00-3:30pm, I would plan on joining the Main Meeting well-after 12Noon — as in 1-2pm’ish? Please let everyone know beforehand if the meeting+class will change from Bobby G’s to a new UCB campus location. Thanks! -goobears

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