3 thoughts on “Solano Stroll is Sun, Sept 12

  1. A special thank you to those that helped us make our second annual showing today at the Solano Stroll. We couldn’t have done it without you. Please post your comments about the event here.

  2. I was really amazed and delighted with the number of people who stopped to ask about an alternative computer operating system on a Sunday morning when there was BBQ and corn dogs competing for attention just a couple yards away. While many were drawn by the “Free Stickers” sign, there were still many other non-technical people who are just so fed up with their poorly-working computers that they were willing to take the plunge and try Linux. Thanks to Grant and Jack for setting up a very professional-looking booth and to all the others who provided disks, banners and flyers. We also met many other local Linux users who had no idea there was a LUG in their back yard and were excited to participate. The next few meetings should be fun!

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