Does anyone have experience using anyenv? How did it go?

TLDR version: In updating our meetings page for the new year I needed the Date::Calc perl module to run Michael’s great code. Turns out my perlbrew environment for perl was broken. I spoke to some folks in #perl on and got some good advice. I was getting some strange errors but as I described on StackOverflow I solved the problem by re-installing 5.20.1 using

However another related perlbrew tagged question with an upvoted answer pointed me to anyenv.

So, ruby users use rbenv to install ruby versions. Perlbrew is used for perl. anyenv is a wrapper that handles ruby, perl and other languages. As a lazy sysadmin this looks like a nice way to install these environments if it delivers on it’s promise. The dependency modules for each language must be written well and it needs to be secure. At least one reviewer liked it. Openhub’s review says it has low activity. Do you have any experiences with anyenv? How did it go?

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