SDR for $15

At the meeting today several of us Amateur Radio people found an inexpensive 25MHz-1700MHz software defined radio receiver an extremely cool development. This wasn’t possible at this price in a consumer product until recently.

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3 thoughts on “SDR for $15

  1. Very cool! Also saw this at this past Sunday’ Meetup.
    IMHO, it would be even geater if future inexpensive SDR receiver’s will include the lower 1.6MHz-40MHz frequencies (and higher wavelengths) of shortwave radio;

    One could even make an inexpensive DIY shortwave broomstick antenna — — and hook this up to such a SDR receiver w/ shortwave reception. Such a SDR-receiver set up with a broomstick antenna could perform just as well as $100+ Grundig/Sony/Sangean SW receivers, and for much less of a cost!

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